Event Details

General Guidelines

  • Participants have to build a robot to diffuse a bomb by picking and placing it in a marked containment area inside the arena to diffuse .

  • The maximum dimension of the unextended parts of the robot should be 40x40x40 centimetres. There are no restrictions on the mechanisms after full extension. Penalty points will be awarded if participants don't abide by the rules. There is no restriction on the weight of the robot.

  • Two bombs will be placed in the arena. The maximum possible width/diameter of the bombs is 8 centimetres. The dimensions of the arena will be revealed on the spot.

  • The power source should be inbuilt and should be placed on the robot itself. External power supply is not permitted. Both wired (wire length - minimum 2 metres) and wireless control systems are acceptable.

  • Use of robotic kits is not allowed, this would lead to immediate disqualification and Pre-built chassis is allowed.

  • Prepare your robots to sustain through different terrains and survive the perils of water.

  • The participants will have to control their robots and navigate through the arena in order to pick up the 2 bombs and place them in the containment area. Bombs can only be picked and placed - pushing is prohibited. The timer will be stopped after the bomb has been placed and the robot has exited the containment area. There will be multiple obstacles and hurdles in the arena. The amount of time taken to complete the task will be converted into points. The team with the least points wins