Event information

  • Classes: IX-XII
  • No. of Participants: 1
  • Mode: Offline
  • Event Head: Abhinav Saklani
  • Contact Info: tiwarypranjul@gmail.com

General Guidelines

  • Conundrum Venari is an offline cryptic hunt.

  • Only the top 7 students who participate in the cryptic hunt ‘Sherlocked’ through their schools, will be eligible for this competition.

  • Students need to bring their mobile phones with sufficient mobile data. Wifi connection will not be provided.

  • Details of the hunt will be revealed on the spot.

  • There will be only one winner. Sherlocked and Conundrum Venari are two separate competitions.

  • The duration of the hunt is 2 hours.

  • Decision of the event head/ moderators shall be final and binding.