Event Details

  • Domain: VII-IX
  • No. of Participants per Team: 2
  • Model type: Working Model
  • Topic: “Innovation with Intention”
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Event Head: Trayambak

General Guidelines

  • Participants will bring pre-assembled models.

  • The micro-controller should be pre-programmed by the participants.

  • Participants will be given 5 minutes to present their model.

  • The school will not provide any devices like laptops, speakers, headphones, etc.

  • Power extension cords will be provided.

  • Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification from the event.

  • Micro-controllers like the Arduino, Microbit, ESP-32, ESP-8266, Raspberry Pi Pico, Teensy, etc. are allowed.

  • Use of third-party pre-programmed hardware will result in disqualification (examples: HuskyLens, remote-controlled toys, etc).

  • Pre-made kits are strictly forbidden but expansion PCBs are allowed.

Judgement Criteria

  • Presentation (oratorical skills)

  • Model quality (efficiency, economical aspects)

  • Originality