Event Details

  • Classes: IX-XII
  • Teams Allowed Per School: 1
  • No. of Participants per Team: 5
  • No. of Rounds: 2
  • Games: Valorant, Call of Duty: Mobile and Chess
  • Event Heads: Soham Sharma, Amritanshu Thakur
  • Contact Info: iamsohams@gmail.com, amritanshuthakur398@gmail.com

General Guidelines


  • Use of any unethical applications will lead to immediate disqualification from the tournament.

  • The players will have to play on their laptops.

  • The laptop should contain an ethernet port or else the player should carry a suitable adapter.

  • Any typical gamer excuse like ping or poor internet connection will not be entertained.

  • Participants will have to join the discord server for further information.


  • All the registered teams will come face-to-face in intense games of unrated(valorant) on (date to be decided). The top 6 teams will qualify for the next round. Participants will play from the precincts of their schools/residence.

FINALS- Call Of Duty: Mobile AND CHESS

  • The 6 selected teams will have to send 2 representatives of their registered team to compete in battles of skill, diligence and valor in Call Of Duty: Mobile and tactical, brain hammering games of Chess on Chess.com

  • Call Of Duty:Mobile: 1 player from each team will compete in one on one matches in a tournament bracket.

  • Chess: 1 player from each team will compete in one on one chess games in a tournament bracket.

  • A point table will be maintained according to the rules set by the organizers.